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Mike Scott and my Aunt

In a sunny spring day of 1986 I was about to accomplish my 14th anniversary, I was looking out for a gift for my father’s birthday in the streets of Lisbon with my favorite aunt.

It was for sure the “no money years” so I did need my aunt around to pay the gift, it was symbolic because the main one was me… I was born in the same day of his birthday… this fact made me always proud and I did never forget to tell it to everyone.
The famous “I was born in the same day of my father’s birthday” remains till today.

At that time in the most beautiful train station of Lisbon (Rossio) we did have always a solution for a gift… “let’s go to that one”… my choice was a disc store, I was looking for a 45rpm in the “W” music-stand, I was looking for my favorite song “The Whole of the Moon” from the Waterboys.

As a matter of fact that single intended to be not only a gift for my father but also for myself and I saw no crime at all with that.

I did found it.

When I was prepared to pay for it her voice almost shot me down “that song is not bad but I prefer this one and I think your father too”!

I was without reaction for a few seconds in a frustrated attempt that she paid for it and forgot that nightmare choice, her choice, but no success.
Inside my head I was screaming, I was furious, OH NO, FEARGAL SHARKEY…. NO PLEASE NO… that guy with a strange face… a guy that almost looks like a blonde girl with that hair…. NO PLEASE NO.

I prefer everything about the Waterboys and his mentor Mike Scott instead of Feargal Sharkey, I rather prefer the songs… that voice… the black Ovation guitar… the attitude… the hair… and of course the lyrics… despite of my only 2 or 3 years of English school “The Whole of the Moon” lyrics was far better than the annoying “… and good heart these days is hard to find…”.

No way… the money wasn’t mine so I brought home “A Good Heart” to give to A GOOD HEART as a birthday gift, I don’t know how but she stills my favorite aunt and believe me… I have a lot of aunts.

She forced me to bring home Feargal Sharkey instead of Mike Scott… it’s not fair.
Later, as a revenge, I don’t have one but three “Whole of the Moon”… in the “This is the Sea” album, in the “Best Of 81-90” and in the “T.W.O.T.M. The Music from Mike Scott and the Waterboys”.


  1. R de Rui said...
    Maybe your aunt teach to listen GOOOOD music
    R de Rui said...
    Como escrevi com erros e não sei corrigir vou tentar fazer melhor:

    Perhaps your uncle has taught you good music
    João Paulo Santos said...
    Maybe... mas é só maybe mesmo.

    Armei-me... estava na altura de internacionalizar o blogue... mesmo correndo o risco de ter alguns erros gramaticais.

    Os professores de inglês participantes e leitores que façam as correcções sff :)

    Então despeço-me com um KISS.

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